Honda Sports EV Concept Review, Specs

Honda Sports EV Concept was accepted with amazement and enormous interest by the audience of the Tokyo motor show, where it was unveiled. This showcase followed the unveiling of its precedent, Urban EV city model which was also accepted with positive critics at the September Frankfurt motor show.

Honda Sports EV Concept retro model amazed both the visitors and the professional car designers and engineers. Everyone was surprised with the 60s-inspired line, minimalist LED lights, retro mudguards, roof-line and the overall car design and composition of different elements into a visually pleasing machine. It resembles the original, i.e. precedent, the 1973 model, the beloved Honda Civic.

However, this sports two-seater is a modern, fully electric drive model. Speculations on performance, motor type and gravity center position imply that the driving experience will be ultimately safe and enjoyable. With this car, Honda once again focused on the joy of driving and proved that surprises in the car industry are not yet over.

Honda Sports EV Concept - front

Honda Sports EV Concept – Exterior and Interior Design

The two-seater Coupé design has a retro look with round front and square rear lights. Honda logo is positioned in the front, illuminated and classy. The front also contains super-modern battery status information display with LED lights. On the other hand, extended bonnet and a roofline characteristic for the coupe models give the car a rather traditional look of the sport cars.
In the same time, Sports EV Concept is richly equipped with advanced technology, even artificial intelligence, according to some rumors. Honda Automated Assistant is there to help with all the issues the driver might have. Honda even claims that it can detect the driver’s emotions and foresee behavior, movements and possible mistakes based on emotions analysis.
When it comes to the car’s amazing exterior, its matt paint, smooth style, smiling face-like appearance, organic, curvy lines and classy B-pillar wrapping around the roof are only some of the superb exterior design features of Honda Sports EV Concept. As far as the interior is concerned, we still know nothing. Interior is unfortunately still kept a secret. However, we expect both state-of-the-art design and retro details.
Honda Sports EV Concept - interior

Honda Sports EV Concept – Engine and Performance

This model represents an important step further into the Honda electric cars vision. The Honda Sports EV Concept is fully electric. As Honda still didn’t release all the information, we assume that the batteries are located in the floor. They say that the gravity center is low, which reinforces this assumption. This could guarantee extra-easy handling and superior performance. As this is a sports car, it most probably has a rear-wheel drive. Other technical details are still unknown. Honda offered only speculations on the batteries power, size, engine, drive etc.
Honda Sports EV Concept - rear

Honda Sports EV Concept – Price and Release Date

Release date of the surprising and surprisingly appealing Honda Sports EV is not yet to come. However, customers waiting for the release date will be happy to heat that the production is estimated for 2019. Unfortunately, Honda still didn’t reveal whether this will be a mass production or a limited edition. The price is also still unknown. However, if the rumors about the AI are true, we can expect a rather expensive pleasure.

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