Honda RVF 1000 Concept Design, Price

Honda is reportedly planning to come out with the Honda RVF 1000 Concept. This superbike is no ordinary vehicle. It is one of those powerful mean machines that you can actually race. Customers were only expecting Honda’s Fireblade to be out in 2018. But it seems the Japanese automakers are going to celebrate their 70th anniversary in style.

Honda is obviously still quite hush-hush about this project. But rumours say that this new vehicle will be lighter than vehicles in its class. While nobody’s quite really sure about what engine Honda are going with, one can expect it to be a V4. There will not be an under-seat exhaust like the one in Honda RCV.

Honda RVF 1000 Concept

Honda RVF 1000 Concept – Body and Designs

Body will be a monocoque chassis. It will be made with cast-aluminium and that is where it will cut weight. This is quite like Ducati’s Panigale. Of course that means they will be competitors.  It also means that its monocoque body will be its air box. So it will allow air to come through its headstock just like in Honda SP1 and SP2.

The Concept Honda RVF 1000 has a single seat. With airflow taking place through both sides of it seat pad, this motor cycle aims to minimize aerodynamic drag. There are 2 taillights between which these air ducts merge. These twin lights also carry the integrated indicators.

A support structure exists in the form of a new nose. This structure is probably made of carbon and holds the instrument cluster. The cluster will have features similar to Honda’s RCV 1000. That means instruments will have LED illumination inside.

Honda RVF1000 Concept – Price

Price of Honda RVF 1000 Concept will not be cheap. However, customers can breathe a sigh of relief due to the price capping of homologation machines in the superbikes strata which is at 40,000 Euros. Thus, the price will actually be quite attractive considering what a buyer will get in return. Expect it to be out in showrooms in 2018 end of early 2019.

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