Honda NeoWing Concept Review, Price

Honda and innovation go hand-in-hand. They have come up with unique bikes and ATVs in the past. Now it’s time for 3-wheelers. Yes, you hear it just right. Honda has come up with a 3-wheeler. In fact, it is a concept vehicle right now. Later they might go into production with this. It is called the Honda NeoWing Concept. And it has attracted a lot of attention.

Appearance of Honda NeoWing Concept

Like some other vehicles of Honda, NeoWing looks very futuristic. It looks right out of a Transformers movie. Unlike some conventional 3-wheelers, here you have 2 wheels at the front. A single wheel balances the back. So, that is why experts call it a reverse trike 3-wheeler. However, it is not the only vehicle in this segment. But with such appearance, it doesn’t seem like they will trouble Honda.

Honda NeoWing Concept - front

Safety Feature:

The Honda NeoWing Concept is a sporty vehicle. It is quite adept at handling rough rides it seems. That is because Honda has taken care of some vital safety features. A very efficient shock absorber is present right at the front wheels. That shows that you can take this vehicle for some off-roading action as well.

Since its appearance is futuristic, its specs are too. It has a hybrid 4-cylinder unit as the engine. Numbers are yet not out but expect it to be a powerful vehicle. Expect it to churn out at least 40 hp.

Honda NeoWing Concept – Price Arrival and Competition

The NeoWing Concept first showed itself to the world in Tokyo Motor Show in 2016. It is taking on a unique market. But even then it expects to provide competition to the likes of Piaggio and Quadro. Customers can probably buy the NeoWing in 2017 end or early 2018. In any case, with such funky and futuristic looks, it is probably going to dominate the market. Price will be in the range of $3000 to $4000.

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