Honda MSX125 Review, Price

In 2013, Honda came up with a new motor cycle. This was supposedly for a new generation of bikers. It was smaller in size. Also, it was regarded great for the city driving – attractive 2-Wheeler perfect for navigating lanes and busy streets. It’s only obvious that this Honda MSX125 quickly finds fame. And Honda keeps updating it every now and then. The latest version is even more attractive.

This bike is small. Yet it is insanely attractive. It has this funky appearance that turns heads. And that has always been its unique selling point, especially to the youngsters looking for a nippy ride. It’s out-of-the-box colors and design additions are perfect for just this crowd of buyers. Viz. –

  • Matte Grey Metallic.
  • Pearl Valentine Red.
  • Pearl Himalayas White.
  • Lemon Ice Yellow.

These are some cool and funky colors. Thus, these bikes are quite popular among the younger generation.

Honda MSX125 - front

Honda MSX125 – Whole Power Unit

This MSX125 might be small. But it definitely packs a punch. Its engine churns out a power of 10 hp @7000 rpm with a torque output around 8 lb-ft. @5500 rpm. The 2-valve air cooling mono-cylinder engine is obviously high on fuel efficiency. Also, it has a 4-speed transmission. In short, this bike is all about cheeky handling and it has enough power to deliver a fun ride.

The extra side panels in this new version are quite clean. So, they have given the design a new edge. LED head and taillights are there like the previous versions. New lines have come into this new model too. Again, such additions are only more futuristic.

Honda MSX125 will compete with Honda’s own Grom. It can also compete with less funky Suzuki Vanvan which is of the same class. The MSX125 is available at around $3000. So at this price, it is a very attractive option in the market.

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