Honda 300 TT Concept Review, Price

The Bangkok International Motor show 2016 saw a unique concept 2-wheeler. Honda Thailand showcased this Honda 300 TT Concept with huge fanfare. And, it’s safe to say that it turned more than quite a few heads. This model seems like a perfect blend of power and style. The style it represents is being referred to as the New-Retro Racer. The nomenclature may not sound too cool. But the vehicle most certainly is.

Honda 300 TT Concept - front

Styling of Honda 300 TT Concept

Styling is quite aggressive for this 2-wheeler. The combination of a retro look along with modern accessorising is quite unique. What’s even more unique is a solo seat. Yes, this bike does have a solo seat. Now that might attract a lot of bikers that go for long rides alone.

Its tail section is quite a bit smaller than other bikes. However, the fuel tank sits at a lower height. Even its exhaust seems truncated. Ride handles will require the rider to lean forward, quite a modern design ergonomic. However, LED headlights to bring out the combination factor.

One can expect the Honda 300 TT Concept to come out in 2019. However, once it does, it will not be the cheapest of models around. Price tags can touch the $5000 mark. And it will be much more unique and stylish than its competitors.

Honda 300 TT Concept – Drivetrain

The engine in this beauty is the same one Honda puts in their CBR 300R. That basically means it is a 286cc engine producing 30.4 hp @8500 rpm and 20 lb-ft. torque @7250 rpm. The capacity of its fuel tank stands at a healthy 2.4 gallons.

Transmission in this engine is 6-speed. Top speed comes in at 157 mph. However, that can change since this engine is yet to be tested with the chassis. Insider sources further claim that this engine will have a fuel economy of 71 mpg. Now you can expect that to increase in the 300 TT.

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