2019 Honda Mobilio Review, Price

The 2019 Honda Mobilio is a Mini Multi Purpose Vehicle (MVP). It comes to the market with a variation of a 5-sitter and a 7-sitter option. Its predecessor was given the tag ‘Boring’ car because of its not so ‘lively’ body work in terms of design. Out went the first generation of Honda Mobilio, in came the second generation. The 2019 Honda Mobilio belongs to this generation. This generation including the 2019 Mobilio came with a few upgrades that got both the critics and fans talking. Ranging from a superb exterior face lifts to its great performance.

2019 Honda Mobilio - front

2019 Honda Mobilio – Stylish Exterior and Interior Design

The 2019 Honda Mobilio comes with a great face lift that puts its predecessor’s critics to shame for its tag as a ‘boring’ car. The front has a fantastic Honda Civic-like finish which is topped with some great LED headlights. It moves on four great 15-inch wheels with great suspension system which makes travelling comfortable. (Of course not as comfortable as the famous luxurious cars like the Mercedes Benz). The bumpers give it great visuals as they circumnavigate along the body of the car.


On the interior, the dashboard is fitted with a multi-touch 6.1 inch multi data navigation screen. With this one can easily switch to maps for navigation when connected to the car Wi-Fi, when connected to your phone one can easily answer and make phone calls too.

The interior has a good automated air conditioning (AC) system that can manipulate temperature inside the car. The 2019 Mobilio has a Push Start Ignition system, all you have to do is throw your keys to your pocket and forget about them. The front of the car is also fitted with double airbag system for safety purposes.

2019 Honda Mobilio - interior

2019 Honda Mobilio – Powerful Engine and Performance

Talk of strong small MPVs and for sure you won’t fail to mention the Honda Mobilio 2019. This power house comes with a 1.5-liter (i-VTEC) engine which generates 117 hp. Talking of fuel consumption, it only consumes 8.7-liters per kilometer making it a good fuel consumer. The engine comes with a variation of S,E and RS with the E version strictly being a 5- speed manual transmission.

The car has an electronic braking system which most car critics consider better advanced than old car braking systems. It has a G-Force grade lock system which enhances the security of your car. Also, the 2019 Honda Mobilio has great body framework which ensures it reaches its ultimate performance in terms of aerodynamics.

2019 Honda Mobilio - rear

2019 Honda Mobilio – Price and Expected Release Date

In conclusion, this stream of cars was realized on July 2014 but launched in various at different times. In India for example the car retailed at a price of 9,984.62$ as of 2017 due to various market forces you can get it at a price of 11,203.77 $.

As you can see the 2019 Honda Mobilio is a great upgrade from its predecessor. It is suited for both large and small families through its 7-sitter and 5-sitter option respectively. Also, the car gives a great kick into it in terms of its powerfully engine. Effective fuel consumption ensures that you save on your finances and its good looking exterior is simply too hard to ignore. Finally, keeping in mind all its qualities it is safe to say it will be a great investment for a potential buyer.

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