2019 Honda Legend Redesign, Price

The brand new 2019 Honda Legend, the most luxurious model of the Japanese manufacturer, will soon be presented to the public. This luxury-sports sedan, despite having been somewhat forgotten in recent years, is returning in the right style.

The first look at the new Honda Legend 2019 reveals that the designers of the Japanese factory did not aspire to the avant-garde design, which was promoted with the current generation of the Civic model. The new 2019 Legend is a luxury mid-class luxury sedan. It has  functions elegantly and calmer, but when required, it is ready to provide a high level of driving pleasure.

2019 Honda Legend - front

2019 Honda Legend – Exterior Expectations and Luxurious Interior Design

The characteristic pet-shaped mask of the Honda refrigerator and moldings on the entire bodywork, are enriched with a large amount of chrome. The car’s profile resembles that of a smaller Accord. Therefore, recognizably exists. However, only the last part of the Legend body could confuse an untrained observer.

Namely, from this perspective, the similarity with various other limousines of Japanese and South Korean producers is noticeable. The new 2019 Honda Legend, with the look of its body, does not leave it breathless. But, then looking at the interior, the situation is completely different. The most striking change in Honda Legend concerns the exterior. Great lights, front wings and bumpers have been restored and added to the wheels of 18 inches in standard version.


Regarding the interior of the model, the Legend could also attract many European competitors. Attraction in luxurious and sporty manner, is achieved by the rich use of leather and details of fine wood. It are nicely incorporated with an aluminum central panel, at the top of which is the monitor of the navigation system.

In the center of the idea of the new 2019 Honda Legend is the cab equipment designed to reduce driving effort in a variety of conditions, as well as noise minimization. The most advanced security systems are certainly one of the most important features of Honda Legend. In addition to the safety equipment that has been so far noticeable, there are also active head restraints.

2019 Honda Legend - interior

2019 Honda Legend – Powerful Engine and Performance

The proven V6 petrol engine was increased from 3.5-liters to 3.7-liters, the power remained unchanged, 380 hp, and the torque, instead of the current 351 Nm, is now 367 Nm. A five-speed automatic transmission is thoroughly updated, which changes speeds even faster and softer. The performance is more than convincing. The new 2019 Legend is quite equal to the well-known German competition. Almost independently of the speed you drive in the cab, there is silence, and the engine is mostly silent.

Legend comes with Honda’s highly efficient, active SH-AWD 4 × 4 drive. It at all times takes care of the optimum power transmission to all wheels. The system works perfectly in all weather conditions. Combined with a soft suspension, it provides solid driving characteristics. Although it is quite good on the winding roads, Honda’s higher-class sedan is still the best on highways, with a highly desirable combination of smoothness, comfort and always-available performance.

2019 Honda Legend - rear

2019 Honda Legend – Expected Date of Arrival and Price

You can expect the model at the end of 2018 at a price of $ 52.000. New 2019 Honda Legend will undoubtedly face stiff market competition from its top rivals like Audi A6, BMW 530i and Volkswagen Passat.

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