2019 Honda Jazz Design, Price

The 2019 Honda Jazz is a subcompact hatchback which has been in the market since late 2001. This 4th generation hatchback is precipitated to be in the market at least in June 2019. This vehicle will come equipped with new models in it, and has also shed off 30 kg making it lighter than its predecessors. This 2019 Honda Jazz is not expected to be different from its 2018 predecessor.
 So, it may come with all the four options which were available to the 2018 Honda Jazz face lift which include the Ex-L, Lx, Ex and Sports Trims. The changes which are included in the 2019 Honda Jazz are minimal which include the engine range and its mileage. Even though this hatchback model will not come with new modifications, fans of Honda Jazz are expecting significant modifications after 2020.
2019 Honda Jazz - front

2019 Honda Jazz – External Body Parts and Inner Cosmetic Changes

Since we don’t much difference from its 2018 predecessor, we expect Honda to follow in previous models, having a wing face grille design and headlights which are the same as the Civic but more modified. The 2018 Honda Jazz front looked sharper, having air vents which were underline accent and red looking we expect the 2019 model to be the same but more modified enabling it to be less noisy while driving. The rear section may look like its previous models. The wheels are expected to be alloy 16-inch, of which they come as a standard figment.


Honda Jazz cabins are usually huge. The 2019 Honda Jazz face lift had cruise control, a 7 inch infotainment system, and an active City-Brake system. We expect this newer model to have the same or slightly modified. We expect the 2019 Honda Jazz model to have a rear-view camera, recognition sign for traffic and start and entry mode which are key less. Also, we expect this Honda to have with some equipment entirely new having a much more attractive look with much information borrowed from the Civic. Finally, we expect it to have lots of new products.
2019 Honda Jazz - interior


As stated above, the Honda Jazz previous model has an infotainment. The latest 2019 Honda Jazz model will come with latest technology for easy connectivity for Smartphone users and also equipped with other modern technology.
As stated above we expect this new model hatchback to have an infotainment system, but we also expect it to come with updated connectivity for Smartphone users and other updated modern technologies.


Honda Jazz has increased its size up to 10 centimeters in all the three generations. We expect this model to utilize all new components, providing a 90 lb protecting. A longer wheelbase will be able to provide more space inside for better all round ease and comfort.

2019 Honda Jazz – Main Power Production Unit

This Honda Jazz 2019 engine is estimated to be a new 1.0-liter direct-injected three liter turbocharged petrol engine or a hybrid powertrain. It includes a 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine including Honda’s i-MMD system. For previous years Honda has been using 1.3-liter V.TEC drive train which is one of the reasons people have been buying it since it is economical.
This hatchback also comes with another option, which is diesel coming with a better toque. Transmission options for the 2019 Jazz is a manual gearbox, and it’s VCT. There are high chances that there will be a hybrid model. It will be a combination of the 1.5-liter engine with electric motor. This vehicle may have 127 hp engine with 1.0-liter type of engine thanks to the latest Civic.
2019 Honda Jazz - rear

2019 Honda Jazz – Price

The price for this 2019 Jazz is estimated to be at least $17,000. This model is good for the daily consumer. Also, it is very economical making it a must have among its competitors.

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