2019 Honda Insight Is the New Civic-Based Sedan

A number of leading industry experts has agreed that the 2019 Honda Insight Is the New Civic-Based Sedan. The hybrid history of Honda started with the Insight somewhere in the late 1990s. This led to the hybrid leading as the number one in US car market for a few months even ahead of Toyota Prius. There is a comparison of the Insight hybrid to Toyota Prius because the latter is arguably the king of all car hybrids.

The notable transformation incorporated into the design and manufacture of the second-generation of the Insight was the Prius-shaped 4-door. The first generation had a small, teardrop-shaped 2-door. Eventually; the second generation of the model was abandoned for the reasons of poor sales. That was in 2014.

Now for its third iteration, this may just be its most conventional and likable form yet and appearing to borrow heavily the design elements of Civic. Instead of its initial egg-shaped hatch, the latest car would be transforming into a 5 passenger fashionable Sedan. That is the main reason why the car has been said to be the new Civic-based sedan.

2019 Honda Insight Is the New Civic-Based Sedan - front

2019 Honda Insight Is the New Civic-Based Sedan – Appearance of Exterior and Interior

There are not too many details about the latest hybrid of the Insight that have been shared by Honda. The details that have been made known are in “prototype” form.

One of the major design cues borrowed from Civic is the curvaceous body lines and also its supposedly long hood. This should in a great way help in widening the appeal of the car.

In terms of its interior, definitely expect it to be more spacious ensuring that you are comfortable and at ease whether you are a passenger or a driver.

Additionally, from the sketches of the car’s interior, there is a better digital gauge cluster incorporated. There is also a larger central touchscreen that has a volume knob and of course the push button shifter that is found in a number of
Honda products including Odyssey.

2019 Honda Insight Is the New Civic-Based Sedan - interior

2019 Honda Insight Is the New Civic-Based Sedan – Engine and Performance

It is widely expected that the 2019 Honda Insight will incorporate the use of the two-motor hybrid system. That is of course just like the 2018 Honda Accord Hybrid and Clarity Hybrid. The hybrid system is comprised of two electric motors and a 2.0-liter of Atkinson cycle engine.

Even though the exact details about the power train remain unknown,there are expectations it would be greatly improved and be competitive like other hybrids such as Toyota Prius and Hyundai Ioniq. Meaning, there are high expectations regarding fuel economy.

2019 Honda Insight Is the New Civic-Based Sedan - side

2019 Honda Insight Is the New Civic-Based Sedan – Price and Release Date

No official release date and price have also been released regarding the latest hybrid. But it is widely expected that the car would arrive late or early next year,2018, possibly in January. That is for the reason that the North American International Auto Show starts on January 14, 2018. Or simply, Honda may decide to release finer details of the Insight during the show pending its official release later.

It is also widely expected that compared to the Civic, the Insight will be valued a bit higher. Obviously the pricing will be released when the 2019 Insight is closer to being launched.

The lack of adequate details should not discourage you from feeling the palpable excitement and expectation attached to the latest hybrid. For your information, at least we understand that the new Honda Insight 2019 will be or is being built in the US and not in Japan, associated with the previous 2 generations. That is in the Greens burg, Indiana plant that currently is busy constructing the Civic and CR-V.

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