2019 Honda Fit Redesign, Release Date

The Fit model by Honda has been in the market for a while since 2001 with several versions and improvements, with the latest being 2019 Honda Fit. There are no detailed descriptions about how the latest design to be released in the market will be but it is largely expected that it would be improved.

That is in terms of features and designs and performance. Furthermore, it is widely expected that by 2020, Honda would be in a position to abandon the Fit model generation altogether and release newer generation.

2019 Honda Fit - front

2019 Honda Fit –¬†Exterior Expectations and Luxurious Interior Design

Like the 2018 Honda Fit model which had its exterior designed taking into account aerodynamics efficiency and modern sport styling, and that is expected to largely remain the same. But several adjustments may be implemented especially the use of material like chrome color design. That would make it more stylish.


In terms of the interior, the design is expected to ensure comfort as well as providing various features for the ride. These features would make both the driver and the person/s along for the ride to enjoy. Some of the external features would include new speakers, Bluetooth network, touch display demonstrate, formulated dashboard, navigation program and USB ports.

Some if not all of the interior enhancements and features were included in earlier versions. What we may see are improvements in functionality and design. With the positioning of the driver, he/she will be given a greater visibility. Apart from that, all the controls will feel greater for better driving. The new 2019 Fit is spacious.

2019 Honda Fit - interior

Additional Features:

The seats are expected to be versatile and be able to transform also like in previous versions. That is, the seats will be great four 4 modes that are; refresh, utility, tall and long. Additionally, the seats are expected to be made of materials that greatly allow comfort while traveling.

The cabin of the 2019 Honda Fit is expected to be made of classy materials such as aluminum and soft plastic among other potential new products to be used. In terms of the grille and bumper, several changes are expected to be implemented. That is to allow this model while being driven to be less noisy, with the engine very quiet.

2019 Honda Fit – Engine and Performance

The engine specifications of the latest 2019 Honda Fitl will be1.5-liter inline-four drivetrain. It is widely expected that a six speed manual transmission will be incorporated in the make of the latest version of the model. Power and Torque are expected to be 130 hp @ 6600 rpm and 114 lb-ft @ 4600 rpm respectively. The top speed will be around 118 mph, limited by speed governor.

2019 Honda Fit - rear

2019 Honda Fit – Price and Release Date

The date for the release of the newer 2019 Honda Fit model is not that clear. But by various industry experts and stakeholders predictions, early January in 2019 seems to be the most probable time when the car may be released.

The pricing is also estimated to be slightly higher than that of earlier 2019 Honda Fit. The pricing estimate is expected to be between $16,190 to 21,000. Of course, the pricing differences will be as a result of the types of gadgets installed and also the seller.

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