2019 Honda FCX Review, Price

The new 2019 Honda FCX is an advanced car powered by hydrogen fuel cells. After many years of development, the arrival of this first series fuel cell vehicle means at the same time the beginning of a new ecological era. So, the latest information is that Honda has officially confirmed its plans for the serial production of cars with the latest technological solutions of the ecological drive. It should be noted that Honda makes progress in the production of fuel cell vehicles, and is approaching its goal – to ensure wider use of this revolutionary vehicle.

2019 Honda FCX - front

2019 Honda FCX – Best among its segment

New fuel cell cars are dedicated to the assembly line established within the Honda Center for New Car Models, in which different processes are unique for fuel-cell vehicles such as the installation of fuel cell batteries and a clean hydrogen tank. In the process of fuel cell production, exclusively designed automated equipment has been introduced to ensure the highest level of quality.

It will have the maximum accuracy that allows the mass production of the cells themselves, since it is necessary to have several hundreds of individual cells for the installation of one battery of fuel cells. An additional source of energy is a set of Li-Ion batteries, which store the kinetic energy generated by regenerative braking, as well as excess energy generated by a catalytic reaction where hydrogen dissolves on protons and electrons and chemically reacts with oxygen.

Of course, in addition to the energy obtained, the only product is pure water. The new 2019 Honda FCX represents a mid-class sedan for four people in the atmosphere, releasing only water vapor. According to Honda, the car delivers twice the energy efficiency of gas or electricity hybrids. Also, it is three times higher than petrol-powered cars. The main advantage of the new technology is that there is no CO2 emission.

2019 Honda FCX - interior

2019 Honda FCX – Main Power Production Unit

The new Honda FCX 2019 engine from 2019 makes it really special. This sedan limousine has a dual turbocharged 1.2-liter engine. This version of the engine also has direct fuel technology. A special part, i.e. The fuel for hydrogen gas is provided internally. Together with this unit it can produce an output of 138 hp which roughly estimates at 100 kV. This is something significant for a 1.2-liter engine. The torque of this unit is about 189 pounds per foot.

This version of the engine will be connected to a six-speed transmission. It will also be available with manual or automatic driving options. This means that this unit opens the possibility of an average kilometer of 35 miles per gallon. The fuel economy of 2019 Honda FCX with this version of the engine will be 35 mpg in the city and 37 on the highway. It’s not yet official, but most likely that the All-Wheel Drive option will be offered.

2019 Honda FCX - rear

2019 Honda FCX – Price and Expected Release Date

There is still no official information about the date of the new 2019 FCX release. However, we must mention that Honda never stops surprising its loyal customers. So, the starting price of this great model should not exceed $ 23,000.

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