2019 Honda Civic Tourer Changes, Price

The new caravan 2019 Honda Civic Tourer is one of the best cars in the class. This is also the best Civic (Civic is offered in hatchback and sedan version), not only because it is the most practical, but also the most comfortable and attractive that you can buy at the moment. The competition is not easy next to Honda, because Honda is always more reliable than the C segment car.

2019 Honda Civic Tourer - front

2019 Honda Civic Tourer – External Body Parts and Inner Cosmetic Changes

The new Honda Civic Tourer 2019 has been developed and designed in Europe. Elegant and sophisticated profiles did not endanger the vehicle’s variability. Honda designers of this time were very inspired: Civic Tourer not only follows current fashion trends, but also imposes its “muscular hips”. This caravan just looks better than the hatchback, the five-door version. Honda’s best-selling model of all time, Civic, is not the best-selling car in Europe in its class because average car buyers are not usually fantastic driving enthusiasts and top-notch cars.

Today, customers on the Old Continent prefer to choose Hyundai, Kia or Skoda in an effort to save some euros, and it is important for them not to spend too much money on a new car. Maybe the Toyota Auris is more comfortable and refined, and maybe it has better equipment, but the Civic Tourer offers more fun on the steering wheel, and you get to that conclusion very quickly, especially if you try to drive faster than common sense – Civic can do a lot, and again it is so easy to control in every situation.


The 2019 Honda Civic Tourer provides the most driving pleasure in terms of overall competition. It offers the most comfort, offers the most places for travelers and has the largest trunk in the class. Civic has the most modern and most interesting interior and the most cockpit in the compact class. The new 2019 Honda Civic Tourer will only buy those who understand cars, value top quality and want a car that smashes the least, and also have completely mastered the driver’s technique. Seats are like Hatchback, the best in class. The saddle surface works briefly and a bit narrow. Civic is a true family car and an ideal solution for all those who love unforgettable, but above all comfortable and safe driving.

2019 Honda Civic Tourer - interior

2019 Honda Civic Tourer – Main Power Production Unit

The new 2019 Honda Accord Tourer offers three engine versions, including:

  • 2.0-liter petrol with 154 hp
  • 2.4-liter gasoline with 198 hp
  • 2.2-liter diesel with 148 hp or 177 hp.

Although petrol engines offer unhindered ride and decent performance, the 2.4-liter diesel engine continues to be the best option. Thanks to these engines, this vehicle offers precise steering and minimal movement of the body. The 6-speed manual transmission is offered as standard. Although the high-performance diesel engine offers a five-speed automatic transmission as an option.

2019 Honda Civic Tourer - rear

2019 Honda Civic Tourer – Expected Date of Arrival and Price

The 2019 Honda Civic Tourer offers superior both passive and active safety. Whatever it looks, Honda is with the new Civic at the top of the list, because a better car than it in this class does not exist. So, if you want a premium car, buy 2019 Civic Tourer. The starting price of the model will be around $ 50,000. The model will be available this year, but the exact date of delivery is not yet determined.

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