2019 Honda Accord Sedan Specs, Price

Recognized around the world, the Honda brand will soon be releasing their new 2019 Honda Accord Sedan. This new model takes both quality and comfort ability to a whole new level with its many features and guaranteed Honda craftsmanship. The new 2019 Honda Accord Sedan is particularly anticipated by Australians as it has been the brand of choice since 1977 and has symbolized both comfort and excellence at an affordable price.

2019 Honda Accord Sedan - front

2019 Honda Accord Sedan – Innovations in the Dashboard, Storage and Safety Features

The new 2019 Honda Accord Sedan has been redesigned from the previous 2016-2018 models. A midsized sedan, the 2019 model is equipped with wheels that are a little larger for better handling. LED front lights as well as LED traveling lamps give a stylish design that is more economical and the safe. The sides and back are accented with chrome and the rear of the car features a boot-lip spoiler.


Inside the new 2019 Honda Accord Sedan, plenty of leg room and the customer’s choice of either leather or upholstery are accompanied by a stylish new dashboard and computerized controls and information gauge. Entirely automatic and electric with individual controls, both the driver and passengers can ride in peace and comfort. With a variety of colors to choose from, the new 2019 Honda Accord Sedan is easily customizable to suit any taste or need.

Given a 10.0 on safety rating and features, the new Honda Accord Sedan is equipped with a multitude of safety features. The 2019 version has a driver, passenger, front and rear, and front side airbags. The wheels have both ABS and Disc Brakes and feature brake assist and traction control. Both the lane departure warning and lane keeping assistant give extra security. There is also daytime LED running lights, an electronic stability control, and child safety locks.

2019 Honda Accord Sedan - interior

2019 Honda Accord Sedan – Engine and Performance

The 192 hp turbo engine is an inline-four and has a CVT. The new Honda Accord Sedan also has the option of a 252 hp turbo engine. It is not only an inline-four but also makes the car a 10-speed automatic. Both automatic and six-speed manual options are available as well. Both the clutch system and the two electric generators/motor make the transmission to become an alternative.

With 143 hp, the new Honda Accord Sedan is not only powerful but also economical. The new Engine Push function is a hybrid option during. It the care is propelled with the fuel engine which is driven by the power generator. This feature turns on between 44 mph-75 mph when the care is incurring problems. Altogether, the new engine design and features make the 2019 design of a second faster than the predecessor while also being economical.

The new Honda Accord Sedan 2019 shows improvement in performance ratings as compared to the previous models. With the new economic and fuel conservation features, the 2019 model gets 32 miles in the city and 40 miles on the highway. The handling and ride are also highly ranked.

2019 Honda Accord Sedan - side

2019 Honda Accord Sedan – Price and Release Date

With all of the upgrades, new safety features, and a complete redesign, it is no wonder the new Honda Accord Sedan is predicted to sell between $32,000 and $36,000 when purchased fully loaded. Honda is anticipating releasing the new 2019 Accord Sedan and other Honda styles in September of 2018.

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