2019 Baby Acura NSX Changes, Price

For all sports car enthusiasts, I have some great news: the luxury division of Honda Motors is to unveil the 2019 Baby Acura NSX in 2018 .

With nothing but a little set of patent images, many speculate with eagerness that Honda is putting great effort to refuel the expectation and preference for sporty in cars’ lovers and collectors.

It seems this outstanding piece of machinery will be the successor to the Honda S2000. But what are some of the most remarkable features of the 2019 Baby Acura NSX? Let’s find out.

2019 Baby Acura NSX - front

2019 Baby Acura NSX – Exterior Expectations and Luxurious Interior Design

On the outside, the NSX looks like an elegant coupe and will be available in different color schemes, like the Valencia Red Pearl, Nord Gray, Casino White Pearl or Berlina Black.

It’s reminiscent of other vehicles Honda and Acura cars, it follows the lines of cars such as the Honda S660. The front mask has a set of LED technology headlights and a trapezoidal chromed grill, while the suspension will be fortified in all four 19-inch aluminium wheels.

This design suggests the coming of a good, somewhere in mid level performance car. The 2019 Baby Acura NSX will have a frame made of mostly aluminum and some carbon fiber. It will contain some parts reinforced with plastic.


On the inside, this roadster will dazzle with a double-pane Milano leather upholstery and an upgraded infotainment system for ultimate comfort: a navigation system, climate control system and a 7-inch high resolution audio display and a touch display and 6 hands-free high-fi speakers.

Acura has also paid attention to keep the car light, to be exactly, under the curb weight of 3000 kg. With that in mind, it’s safe to assume this sporty car is luxurious but quite sober at the same time. An apparently contradictory, yet interesting combination.

As for safety features, these count amongst them anti-lock braking system and electric brake system, vehicle stability and multi-angle rear view camera. And also, brake assistance plus a tyre pressure monitoring system. Are you impressed yet?

2019 Baby Acura NSX - interior

2019 Baby Acura NSX – Main Power Production Unit

The Japanese car making firm is betting to have a third engine mid power engine. That is able to incorporate full hybrid technology. Engineers are leaned towards using a 2.0-liter turbocharged VTEC four-cylinder engine mounted longitudinally.

In addition to this, the NSX will combine the use of a Super Handling AWD system, meaning the two front wheels will be powered by two electrical engines, while another electrical engine and the main one will power the rear wheels. The 2019 Baby Acura NSX is meant to produce over 550 hp. Not at all bad.

2019 Baby Acura NSX - side

2019 Baby Acura NSX – Release Date and How Much Will Cost?

Much is said about the price of this highly expected roadster coupé, some say Honda is aiming deliberately at keeping the price under $100,000 in the US- this car’s primary target market. It’s been said in the UK, the price tag will be $50,000, roughly $70,000.

There you go, a brief summary of the main features of this impressive car. It is expected to be released during the first quarter of 2018. Let us know your comments on the impressive Baby Acura NSX 2019.

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