2018 Honda X-ADV Review, Price

Honda has always been top notch when it comes to innovation. And with this vehicle it seems just that. The 2018 Honda X-ADV has been capturing a lot of attention. Why? Simply because it is a unique amalgamation. It happens to be a combination between a scooter and an adventure bike. How often do you see that? Therefore it has customers excited. It is a new line of city-adventure two-wheelers.

2018 Honda X-ADV - front

2018 Honda X-ADV – Body and Colors

Even though it seems like a scooter platform, there is an off-road feel about it. Yes,  there is no general association between a scooter and off-roading. But then again, it’s Honda and they have always been quite good with innovation.

Honda has provided this vehicle with a smart key. So that means there is no need for a fuel ignition key. Also there’s no need for a separate seat or fuel cap key. It’s all in one. Honda X-ADV 2018 will come in 4 colors. These are:

  • Victory Red
  • Matt Bullet Silver
  • Digital Silver Metallic
  • Pearl Glare White

This vehicle is made of a tubular steel frame. Its rear seat unit is visibly quite elevated. However, rider seat height is at 32.3 inches. The under-seat space is massive coming in at  21 liters. Now even that storage space is LED illuminated. In short, it’s quite a two-in-one offering – pretty comfortable for the city rides as well as for off-roading.

2018 Honda X-ADV – Engine

Honda has been kind enough to provide a dual clutch transmission. Also, it has provisions for 2 auto modes. Then there is the manual transmission too. The single overhead cam engine is an 8 valve twin cylinder setup. Some basic features of the engine are as follows:

  • Power – 54 HP @6250 rpm.
  • Torque – 50 lb-ft. @4750 rpm.
  • Fuel efficiency – 64 MPG.

With such features the Honda X-ADV 2018 promises to be a unique vehicle. Its capabilities as a city-adventure vehicle are undoubted. It will be available by early 2018 and will cost around $10,000.

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