2018 Honda TRX250X Review, Price

The latest ATV from Honda will hit the market soon. Honda’s exclusive SportClutch is to feature in this all new 2018 Honda TRX250X. Travellers and drifters are eagerly awaiting this monstrous roadster.

No-Stall Shifts with SportClutch:

Honda launches its new highlight with this model. It is very different from the common auto clutch features in other ATVs. The clutch lever is a multi-tasker and is placed on the handlebar for an easy access to manual gear shift and clutch. This reduces chances of self-induced stalling.

2018 Honda TRX250X - front

2018 Honda TRX250X – Engine Specs

Honda TRX250X 2018 has a high yielding OHV air-cooled 229 cc engine. Its longitudinal placement offers an effective powertrain for the direct driveshaft setting. The engine also houses a 20 mm piston-valve carburetor and an advanced electric CD ignition. The light weight plastic tank holds a fuel capacity of 2.7 gallons along .07 gallons for reserve.


This model has met the California Air Resources Board (CARB) off-road emissions standards with a low emission engine design. This augmentation is sure to rank it among the top ATVs of 2018.

Extreme All-Terrain Capabilities

Travelling through mountainous roads and forest trails surely has a lot of risks involved. Honda has shown some real foresightedness in incorporating reverse gear into the 5-speed Auto transmission system. The front fascia has 5.9-inch travel suspension with a double wish bone brake. The rear wheels possess swing arm single shock absorber that stops within a mere 5.7-inch travel upon pressing the rear brake.

Adding to these configurations, the front and the rear brakes integrate hydraulic disks for obviously necessary stopping power. It is equipped for high visibility with twin-filament 39 watt LED headlights and brake lights.

2018 Honda TRX250X – Price and Launch Date

As per speculations, this 2018 Honda TRX250X will have a price range falling in between the $4,500 and $5,000 mark.

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