2018 Honda Rincon 680 Review, Price

From the beginning of its maiden years during 2003 to 2005 Honda Rincon created its place in a competitive ATV market. It became the first ATV featuring an automatic 3-speed transmission easily standing out from other competitors. This upcoming new 2018 Honda Rincon 680 promises to bring overall innovation in the range of ATVs.

2018 Honda Rincon 680 – Outlook

Though there is not much change in the whole design, the new ATV comes in 2 color options. Ditching the clich├ęd black, Honda Rincon 680 2018 arrives in Red and Phantom Camouflage.

With a FourTrax design, it boosts of a sporty outlook. Regarding innovations the creative team also added new elements:

  • For airy and lighter effect, they used higher fender line.
  • A full integration of bumpers.
  • Headlights and taillights utilized to give a smoother flow.
  • They also looked after strengthening bumps on the fenders.

Overall, this new ATV looks tougher and muscular in appearance. Also, this 4-wheeler comes with a ground clearance of 9.1 inches.

2018 Honda Rincon 680 - view

2018 Honda Rincon 680 – Engine and Performance

The ATV launches forward with a 38.1 hp @6000 RPM and 36 lb-ft. torque @5000 RPM engine. Efficiency is at best with 4 valve cylinder and 2 short pushrods leading to a broader power band.

Even in rough roads, a high flow oil cooler helps engine lubrication to keep going. Thus, having a high capacity liquid cooling ability, engine operating temperature, gives the ultimate power output. There is also a 40mm throttle body for electronic fuel injection.

Coming to the suspension setup, full independent double wishbone suspension on both front and rear gives a controlled ride. By using aluminum component in the following, the ATV reduces a lot of unnecessary weight. Reductions and innovations are in the: –

  • Front upper control arms
  • Rear knuckles
  • Rear upper and lower control arms

The independent suspension provides 6.9 inches of travel with its premium shock absorbers. And, with a wheelbase of 50.8 inches and turning radius 10.8 ft, the ATV promises to deliver excellent all-terrain ride experience.

2018 Honda Rincon 680 – Price and Release Date

The 2018 Rincon 680 comes in two new color options including a Camouflage option. This ATV looks to release by August 2017.

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