2018 Honda Rebel Review, Price

Cruisers are just amazing vehicles. The powerful and big 2-wheelers are durable and yet comfortable for long rides. Honda obviously knows a thing or two about cruisers. And now they are coming up with an upgrade in one of their amazing cruisers. Yes, the 2018 Honda Rebel is ready to come out and wow customers again.

Rebel has been serving customers since 1985. It has undergone quite a few changes and yet it remains a favourite among bikers. It has widely been used as a police vehicle through the early 2000s. So that shows how it can handle rough rides and still gets on with it. Quoting a Honda spokesperson – “This model will be everything of what it was and much more of what it will be.”

Appearance of 2018 Honda Rebel

The appearance has amazing as ever. It’s like a perfect combination of Raw Rough and Handsome. The blacked out handles are just like Honda’s Shadow Phantom and people love it. The fuel tank is quite steep and at an acute angle. That gives this vehicle the obvious chopper-like look although it isn’t one. Also, this vehicle will now be available in classic colors.

2018 Honda Rebel - front

2018 Honda Rebel – Engine Specs

The engine of Honda Rebel 2018 is quite up to the mark. Some of its features are:

  • A high-output 471 cc engine. It’s a twin cylinder unit with liquid cooling.
  • Power is 45 hp @8500 rpm.
  • Torque is at 32.9 lb-ft. @6000 rpm.
  • Transmission is 6-speed but manual. That is how it is in cruisers.
  • Fuel economy changes every year, but expect it to be over 65 mpg.

2018 Honda Rebel – Price and Competition

Not many cruisers can keep up with new Honda Rebel. The fact that this vehicle is as good looking as ever has kept its fan base unchanged. Some companies tend to change appearances too often and lose their uniqueness. Expect it to be out by end 2017. And it will cost around $4000. Competitors like Kawasaki Eliminator and Yamaha 250 Virago need to watch out.

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