2018 Honda RC213V-S Review, Price

Winning consecutive championships for 2013 and 2014, Honda RC213V-S did attract a lot of glares amongst MotoGP machine lovers. RC is mainly the prefix of sports bikes from HRC (Honda Racing Corporation) and S denotes the streets. Following the racing bike code, the Japs are all set to launch this 2018 Honda RC213V-S.

2018 Honda RC213V-S – Whole Power Unit

Tipsters believe this road legal sports roller will offer razor sharp handling and subsequent stacks of power. To back up this statement, they believe that it could host a 1.0-liter V-4 fresh motor having the ability to dish out 157 hp @11000 rpm and 75 lb-ft. torque @10500 rpm. Its displacement stands at 999cc and its compression ratio will be 13:1.

They also point out that instead of the conventional pneumatic valves seen in most MotoGP scramblers, this Honda RC213V-S 2018 will consist of convention coil spring valves. Furthermore, its conventional transmission will make room for a seamless 6-speed gear shifter.

2018 Honda RC213V-S - front

Honda insiders also hint that this new 2018 Honda RC213V-s will be available with a close course tuning equipment for Japanese and European markets. Tipsters believe it to be a great enhancement for speed lovers as with this tune kit power yield will amp up to 212 hp.

Other interesting facts about this RC213V-S 2018 model include a 3-level power delivering profile its 4-level braking system and 9 level traction control feature. What’s more, this race sprinter will be 170 kg which as to normal Moto GP rollers is 22 kgs more.

Frontal brakes will have BREMBO 4 and rear will host 2-piston caliper. Both will come with YUTAKA 320×5.5mm Dual hydraulic disc brakes. Marchesini 7-spoke magnesium wheels flaunt both front and back accompanied by Bridgestone RS10 tires.

2018 Honda RC213V-S – Price and Release Date

As for 2018 Honda RC213V-S prices, it will likely hit US dealerships at a starting cost of $185,000. For other markets such as Europe and Australia, prices could be somewhere around $190,000 and $225,000 respectively. No word on its launch is out as of now. But tipsters believe it to be available at the end of 2017.

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