2018 Honda PCX150 Review, Price

Honda’s scooter PCX has been doing quite well since its introduction in 2009. The 150 cc scooter has impressed customers both in Asia and North America. Now the Japanese are coming up with an update with a 2018 Honda PCX150 with reportedly multiple new and exciting features.

A Bigger Engine with more Efficiency

Honda had updated its engine size back in 2013. It went up from 125 cc to 150 cc. Now engine capacity is more than the previous model. Fuel tank capacity too has gone up from 1.56 gallons to 2.51 gallons. Other advancements include:

  • New friction reduction technology increase mileage with expectations coming in around 100 mpg.
  • A 4-stroke liquid-cooled mono-cylinder engine.
  • It has a V-Matic engine which rates as one of the best automatic transmissions in its segment.

2018 Honda PCX150 - front

2018 Honda PCX150 will be more Stylish

Bodywork in Honda PCX150 2018 is much better. It has new LED headlights and also taillights. Honda has added a hazard light too. More color options are available. The Japanese auto giants have also styled this vehicle’s front like a motorcycle. That way it has maintained PCX’s uniqueness.

Comfort is the Key:

Seat is pretty comfortable. A more prominent passenger seat gives better view for a pillion. Under its seat, the storage space is larger than before. Thus, it can hold a full helmet and more. There is a 12-volt adapter in the vehicle too. It acts as a very convenient charging point for electronic accessories.

2018 Honda PCX150 – Price and Availability

The 2018 Honda PCX150 has hit showrooms in several countries. Other markets will see it before the end of 2017. The scooter will compete with other two-wheelers of same capacity. The price is expected to be a little lower than $4000. That is good price for an efficient and stylish scooter. You should check it out now.

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