2018 Honda Odyssey Review, Price

Minivans are specific to the typical family car niche for its larger seating capacity. With its fresh infotainment system, 2018 Honda Odyssey is all set to enrich the boring minivan experience on highways. Its smartphone inspired amusement box is exciting for both adults and kids. Let’s have a look at the voguish speculations of its comfy ride with ventilated front seats.

2018 Honda Odyssey - front

2018 Honda Odyssey – What’s with the Hyped Infotainment?

The 2018 version of Honda Odyssey version expects to seize the market with a mobile phone integrated entertainment system. The 10.2-inch rear seat screen is a concoction of augmented navigation system and media streaming apps. It is a full on showbiz with its Blu-ray disc player on the front row and an HDMI input on the centre console. An onboard 4GLTE data allows connection to 7 portable Wi-Fi devices.

The GPS system uses Garmin map navigation. The “How much further?” navigation app is customised with fun graphics and closely corresponds with Chrysler’s “Are we there yet”. This keeps kids glued to the screen and the driver worry-free.

All New Cabin Control Interface:

In addition to this kid-tech, there is a new infotainment system to help mommies and daddies keep a watch over the toddlers. The dashboard comes with a digital gauge cluster that has an 8 inch LED touchpad. This acts as the camera screen for its all new Cabin control features. Cabin watch uses wide angle lens to get a full view of rear seats and the ceiling.

An extra, Honda Odyssey 2018 introduces a volume controlled Cabin Talk. Front row passengers can convey message till the 3rd-row seats without having to speak aloud. The Android backed cabin control app allows temperature control and volume control with smartphone integrations.

Smooth Boarding:

A major hassle of minivans is getting on to the 3rd-row seats. 2018 Honda Odyssey slides past this with its 2nd-row magic seats. These can slide from left to right with an easy pull of level. Furthermore, the dual power sliding doors require no key fobs but only a toggle.

Impressive Exterior Designs:

This upcoming Honda Odyssey 2018 boasts of auto ON/OFF intelligent Led headlights and a wider wheel base. Above this, 19-inch alloy wheels help in the easy tackling of rough and rugged roads.

2018 Honda Odyssey - interior

2018 Honda Odyssey – How well can it Perform?

The 2018 Honda Odyssey sports a 3.5-litre V6 engine which is 32 hp stronger than Odyssey’s previous model. It expects to churn out 280 hp and torque of 262 lb-ft. Its new 9-speed transmission keeps the fuel economy in line with its predecessors- 19 mpg for city rides and 28 mpg on highways.

Safety Measures:

Honda’s all-new suite of sensors grants optimum safety and driving assistance. Advanced cruise control and lane changing assistance are remarkably efficient. Adaptive cruise control adjusts speed as per intelligent on-board sensor inputs. While the sensors assist in changing lanes without bumping or colliding with other vehicles.

2018 Honda Odyssey - rear

2018 Honda Odyssey – Pricing and Competition

This time Honda has 4 Odyssey models; the basic priced at around $30,000, $150 more than that of the 2017 model. The highest model, Touring expects to hit the market at $45,000. With all these new age specs, the 2018 Honda Odyssey will be a tough competition to Toyota Sienna and Chrysler Pacifica.

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