2018 Honda NM4 Design, Release Date

Honda’s Vultus, better known as the NM4 is an exciting prospect. In fact, this new 2018 Honda NM4 is a completely different animal. This bike’s aesthetics are something that came straight out of a Sci-Fi movie. The bold lines, unique rider position and chassis structure, will make any motorcycle aficionado drool with excitement.

Honda’s young design team will look to capture the imagination of young people. And they are doing a god job at it. Latest insider reports show a bat-mobile type vehicle that exudes a sprawling laid back look.

2018 Honda NM4 – Design and Modelling

Speculations and rumors point towards a unique bike. There is no reference to conventional bike design, which means it will sport a fresh new perspective. Massive aerodynamic headstock threads back uninterrupted into the rear segment; which projects a unibody architecture.

Other notable elements will include a bulging fuel tank and low flung seats with adequate pillion support. The back will house a chrome inserted exhaust and muscular side storage compartments.

Under this impressive bodywork, the 2018 NM4 will house some tweaked out engineering specimens.

2018 Honda NM4 - front

2018 Honda NM4 – Powertrain Setup

Coming to engine options, insiders at Honda claim that their new stallion will come with a:

  • Euro-Spec NM4 750 engine, which produces 46 hp at 6500 RPM, and another
  • NM4 750 variant that cranks out 54 hp at 6500 RPM.

Torque figures for both variants will probably hover around 52 lb-ft. or more. And if that’s not good enough, this Honda NM4 2018 will feature a 6-speed automatic dual clutch Transmission which Honda claim will work in tandem with its fuel efficient engine setup.

And coming to fuel consumption, expect this bike to give around 60 mpg on average.

2018 Honda NM4 – Cost and Release Date

Although, Honda officials are yet to launch any official statement, expect the NM4 to hit showrooms by late 2017.

Coming to price related facts, the Honda NM4 2018 might cost around $12,000 or more.

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