2018 Honda Grom Release Date, Price

Honda is a name that signifies out-of-the-box thinking. This is why their latest 2018 Honda Grom is such an exciting prospect. The bike itself is interestingly nimble and perfect for intercity transits. Honda riders and admirers love the simple yet futuristic design and ergonomics. So, expect this latest model to promote this tradition.

Coming to this new motorcycle, speculators believe that Honda will introduce some minor to intermediate changes. So, it is quite similar to its elder siblings. Honda will bring in some upgraded performance boosting capabilities.

2018 Honda Grom – Design Changes

Going by rumours, there is no significant change in the outlook department. This year’s Grom will continue to feature its previous:

  • Angular Double-Layered Headlights.
  • Body paneling
  • Multiple Color Choices.

So, expect an almost carbon copy of previous Grom models.

2018 Honda Grom - side

2018 Honda Grom – Engine and Powertrain

The new 2018 Grom will still sport the nippy 125cc which is also air-cooled. It produces close to 12 HP at 10 lb-ft. torque. This engine setup is more than capable of satisfying daily riders and occasional stunt enthusiast. Other mechanical components will largely remain unchanged. These might include an efficient, lightweight automatic transmission and identical braking structures.

Coming to fuel economy, the bike is quite impressive. Due to its lightweight (100kg app.), it will give an average mileage of around 132 mpg which is perfect for budget travellers. But Honda officials hint that there are some new additions.

The new Honda Grom 2018 will adorn a freshly installed Anti-Lock Braking System. Now, this is a significant addition, as Honda historically uses ABS in higher price variants.

2018 Honda Grom – Probable Release Date and Prices

Although Honda is silent about any release date, customers can expect the Honda Grom 2018 to enter markets by late 2017 carrying a price tag of above $3,200. Honda intends to make this bike a people’s champion. So, they will prioritise affordability. Hence, expect the Grom to cost around $3,500 or less.

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