2018 Honda Fit Sport Specs, Price

The 2018 Honda Fit Sport is a car designed for the young. It is inexpensive, small, easy to drive, easy to park, youthful, glossy, fresh, smooth, dynamic, attractive and, let’s not forget, orange. The sport trim makes it appear very attractive and somewhat aggressive. We dare to say that 2018 Honda Fit Sport is fun and your experience with this car after the very first drive will be love at first sight.

2018 Honda Fit Sport - front

2018 Honda Fit Sport – Exterior and Interior Specs

The first thing you will notice about the exterior of the Honda Fit Sport 2018 is the black alloy wheels. The front face is very different from the 2017 model and it looks more attractive than all the older models. Orange lines enrich the front face appearance. The same detail is noticeable in the back end of the car. The Sport model does not have the thick exhaust details in the back end, which additionally improved its exterior line. Big windows are both youthful and useful – think of their benefits when parking your car.


Now, let’s talk about the interior. The Magic Seats are excellent for those who usually have trouble fitting all the things they need into the car. ┬áThis feature enables creating more space for your cargo. However, the rear seats still do offer enough comfort for the passengers. Simply put, you can adjust the position of the rear seats anyway you like it – in order to make a flat floor, to make enough space for carrying very tall objects etc. The amazing 52.7 cubic ft of cargo space when all of the back seats are down cannot be found in any other small car! Additionally, the spare tire space is compact under the cargo space floor, as expected from this roomy car. We also noticed that the legroom space has grown.

Unfortunately, the space above your head in the rear seats has slightly decreased. The orange color we mentioned earlier is noticeable in the interior as well. The seats have orange details in form of classy but sporty stitches on the fabric. The leather wrapped steering wheel also has details in orange color. Touch-screen display system is another feature excellent for the target users – the young. There are also a lot of storage spots. We noticed the soft material used in the interior. However, the upcoming models should have more soft materials at the strategic places (the arm rest, for example).

2018 Honda Fit Sport - interior

2018 Honda Fit Sport – Engine and Performance

A good fuel economy is guaranteed by its 4-cylinder, 1.5-liter engine and gasoline direct injection fuel system. You will be amazed at the car’s fast and smooth acceleration. 130 hp and a 6-speed manual transmission are both satisfying specs for this car. The drive is a front wheel, as expected. The 2018 Fit Sport is equipped with the automatic lights on and off, which is very welcome. The breaks are very responsive and confident, there is the 4-wheel brake ABS system, while the steering wheel is precise and easy to use. It’s gas-pressurized shock absorbers will ensure a comfortable and safe journey. The only disadvantage regarding the performance would be noise, which is expected, considering the price.

2018 Honda Fit Sport - rear

2018 Honda Fit Sport – Price and Release Date

The release date is expected to be July, while the 2018 Honda Fit Sport model price is $18,375.

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