2018 Honda EV-Cub Review

Every vehicle company is moving towards environment-friendly units. And with EPA ratings falling with each passing day, reducing emissions is a crucial step towards the future. Electric vehicles are the answer to these problems. Honda has always maintained strictest emission standards with their 4-wheelers. Now, they are bringing the technology in 2-wheelers too with this 2018 Honda EV-Cub. This is just another of their electric scooters.

High placed sources inside the Jap manufacturers say that they would be coming out with an electric 2-wheeler soon in a recent press conference. And this Honda EV-Cub 2018 seems to be it. The plan is to release it in the Japanese market first. Subsequently, they’ll spread it to the ASEAN countries. The Cub is quite famous. Honda first launched it back in 1958. Now they are coming out with its electric version.

2018 Honda EV-Cub - front

Nobody is sure of the powertrain of this 2-wheeler. However, experts are speculating a specific unit. Rumour is Honda will arm this 2018 EV-Cub with the same technology of EV-Neo. This is a 0.9 kW battery which peaks 2.8 kW. However, Honda’s EV-Neo is quite old. So expect an upgrade although this will remain the base unit.

Now, Honda first showcased this vehicle back in 2009 in Tokyo. Since then, it has undergone quite a few changes and all of which will go into production. This 2018 model will have a lower mount. There will be no instrument panel as such. One single digital screen will be in place instead of an instrument cluster. It will also have brand new 10-spoke alloy wheels. Even handlebars are Y-shaped.

After testing out their market, Honda will obviously export it for the North American market. But all that will happen later. For now, the 2018 Honda EV-Cub will be available for sale by early 2018. It will cost around $1500. It will compete with other e-bikes in this range.

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