2018 Honda Enduro Concept Review, Price

Honda’s Enduro is a perfect scrambler to go off the limits. This is a ‘Go Anywhere Adventure machine,’ the previous concept did appeal to a lot of bike enthusiasts previously. This time around, the Japs will be looking to push their limits envisioning better off-road ability. As per online renderings, the 2018 Honda Enduro concept bikes will consist of light-weight chassis and a sturdier looking appeal.

2018 Honda Enduro Concept - front

Chassis and Suspension of 2018 Honda Enduro – Changes?

As per speculators, the chassis will make use of high tensile steel and swingarm for its construction. Honda aim is to boost up the compliance and strength of their latest scramblers. And this chassis is adequate evidence of it.

Furthermore, the back end shock suspension will mount to a reinforced swingarm. As per images, the 28 spoke and 1- inches of die cast aluminium hubs are looking stunning and will surely offer wonderful manoeuvrability and off-terrain riding experience.

With the looks of it, this new Honda Enduro 2018 bikes will have an inverted telescope offering 3.5 inches of suspension travel. Wider off-terrain tires for superior traction and springy frontal suspension and damping rates for absorption of rough bumps and excellent riding comfort is also the expectancy.

2018 Honda Enduro Concept - dashboard

Other Specs of this new 2018 Honda Enduro Concept:

  • Standard specs namely suave ignition map and electric start (along with kick start as back-up).
  • A restyled cylinder head hanger and better off-road suspension settings.
  • Frontal brakes offering better halts and wave patterning for lessening weight.
  • Light factory skid plate acting as an adequate lower frame shield for the engine.
  • Moreover Engine Mode Select button for Enduro bikes to dial in on engine power delivery from- Standard, Smooth and Aggressive as per road conditions.
  • The fresh exhaust system is having street legal regulations for spark and noise arrest.

Forging aluminium side stand and Dunlop Geomax AT81 tires are also highly feasible with up approaching Honda Enduro 2018 bikes.

Its Styling and Appeal:

The 2018 Honda Enduro Concept has a funny way of transpiring into production models within a year’s time or 2. The reason is high demand of fans to own one!

That will pretty much stay intact this time around as well. As per online renderings, the new series of Honda Enduro 2018 models will undergo fresh headlight assembling. The main draw for its fans will be its Termignoni exhaust system which does appear utilitarian in many ways.

Overall Enduro concept of scramblers will surely entice more enthusiasts into the ‘Cult of Adventure.’

2018 Honda Enduro Concept - side

2018 Honda Enduro Concept – Engine

The basic concept behind Honda’s Enduro series is increasing overall power to weight ratio. But that is not the end of it all. The idea is to manufacture these models for extreme Motocross riding.

The Japs are working on a steeper chassis-to-engine angle increasing driveability. A higher crank angle and compression ratio – it’s all about optimum low-end torque for monstrous launches.

Insiders also reveal that the new 2018 Honda Enduro Concept series will include lighter aluminium block engines with this Enduro series.  As for other innovations, only time with tell.

2018 Honda Enduro Concept - rear

2018 Honda Enduro Concept – Expected Date of Arrival and Price

The 2018 Honda Enduro Concept bikes embody the perfect scramblers and with their fresh assembling and redesigning, the Japs will surely try and do an encore. The 2018 Honda Enduro Concept will likely hit dealerships by the end of 18 or at least the start of 2019. Pricing details are inconclusive as of now, so stay tuned for further updates.

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