2018 Honda CTX700 Review, Price

For those who want to go around the countryside on a relatively light two-wheeler, the 2018 Honda CTX700 seems like the perfect vehicle. Honda has made this a very user-friendly motor cycle. It is perfect for those who like a laid-back hassle-free trip. Their last update year is 2017. But still they have managed to make it better in 2018. Here’s a look into it.

Engine Power of 2018 Honda CTX700

The 670 cc engine is quite powerful for its size. And it churns out an impressive 47 hp. This engine is a parallel-twin liquid-cooled engine. It’s quite fuel efficient – 61 mpg to be precise. However the capacity is at just over 3 gallons.

  • Unique Transmission Choices

Honda spoils their rider with choices of both manual and 6 speed automatic transmission. It is a dual clutch transmission. You can switch between both choices seamlessly. There is no external clutch for manual however.

2018 Honda CTX700 - front

  • Great for Long Rides

Light as it may be, Honda CTX700 2018 is very comfortable for longer rides. Seats are positioned quite nicely. It is at a height of 28.3 inches. The base is flat and helps a rider settle. So that means it is quite relaxing for long rides. The rider at the back too has a nice position.

  • Stylish Looks

Honda has designed their two-wheeler in a unique way. It will attract young minds. This bike is available in numerous colors. However candy red seems to be the most popular option.

Price of 2018 Honda CTX700

Out and available in showrooms, the main competitors for this 2018 CTX700 include Kawasaki Vulcan S and Suzuki Burgman 650. Tentative pricing starts from $7500. However, with accessories of your choice it will cross $8000. But this is a lower price tag against most other cruisers around making this model a top contender in this segment.

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