2018 Honda CRF250R Review, Price

One of the most popular models in the world of Motocross and trail-biking, this 2018 Honda CRF250R model is a top name for anyone who’s into this sport. It is safe to say that Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, KTM and BMW are among the top names in this highly niche segment. To continue, one can take this series quite seriously.

Honda is easily right up there at the top. Its stature up there has a lot to do with this CRF250R model. But, as far as first-hand reviews, this Honda CRF250R is where the Japs are simply pushing the limits of possibilities.

2018 Honda CRF250R - view

A dominating reason behind Honda’s popularity amongst Motocross riders is not just power but drive-ability. The latter has much to do with their mass centralization construction and manufacturing motto.

With this Honda CRF250R 2018 model, the Japs have aimed at a higher central mass concentration. The right resonance chamber looks the same but it has smaller tube diameter. This model will continue with its previous gen’s Keihin 46 mm throttle body.

To continue, insider sources suggest minor output improvements in this 2018 models’ Dual-Timing FI programming. Thing is, when it comes to a powerful launch, the more the merrier for all Pro riders out there. And this model will obviously score higher than its previous generations to say the least.

As for other specs and features, most of them remain the same. First drive experiences indicate closer gear ratios. Front and rear suspension damping adjustability does remain the same. But insider sources speculate that this model will come with an 18-point damper position setting over the previous gens’ 16-point limit.

2018 Honda CRF250R – Price and Release Date

This 2018 Honda CRF250R is nothing short of being one of the most anticipated models around. It’ll be available across multiple markets within 2017. Price tags will hover just above the $7,500 mark.

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