2018 Honda CRF230F Review, Price

Off-road biking is serious business. And one of the hardest working dirt bikes is Honda’s CRF230F. Now, it’s going to come with an update which means a new model for next year – 2018 Honda CRF230F. It is an impressive piece from Japan’s auto giants.

2018 Honda CRF230F – Body Design Changes

Dirt bikes need to be light. For obvious reasons, they need to cut down unnecessary weight. But then a plain design will not attract customers, especially in today’s competitive market. But Honda has taken care of that. This 2-Wheeler’s high tensile frame is made of steel. It is strong, but it’s light at the same time. Also, it looks quite stylish. And Honda CRF230F 2018 is no different. So that’s an attractive prospect for the customer.

2018 Honda CRF230F - front

2018 Honda CRF230F – Impressive Engine Specs

Dirt bikes need to toil it out on trails. They need enough power to navigate the unfriendly terrain with ease and sheer brutish power. That’s why the engine needs to have more than average grunt. This is just what this 223cc 4-stroke 2-valve engine is. It is capable of producing enough power to navigate the farm tracks. Also, capacity is around 1.9 gallons. Fuel efficiency is almost 65 mpg.

Seat height is almost 35 inches. Also, ground clearance is just over 30 cm. So, this low base gives the rider quite a bit of control over this vehicle. It helps the rider reach out his legs and balance himself while riding through rough tracks.

2018 Honda CRF230F – Price and Competition

You can expect this vehicle to cost a little over $4000. That is competitive but then other options are present too. There is a quite a lot of competition for this dirt bike from Honda. The 2018 CRF230F has to compete with the likes of Yamaha TTR230 and Kawasaki KLX140G. These dirt bikes are quite popular and within the same price range.

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