2018 Honda Civic SI Review, Price

Civic just got a version upgrade and it’s swankier than ever. So, the new version is 2018 Honda Civic SI (Sports Injected). It was first launched at the Los Angeles International Auto Show (2016). The new 2018 Civic SI version is a logical step towards small but classy sports cars.

2018  Honda Civic SI - front

2018 Honda Civic SI – Impressive Interior and Enigmatic Exterior

Plenty of new gadgets, enormous steering wheels and buttons are standard features. Premium leather upholstery black seats with red stitching are the obvious eye-catchers. A 7-inch multi-functional display is placed ergonomically in the next-gen central console.

The dashboard consists of carbon-fiber and red stitches. A driver can trust the speedometer and digital rev to give him the best information of his car. Along with all this, there is also a push-start button, audio and climate control attached to the steering wheel.


In terms of looks, 2018 Honda Civic SI is a stunner. There is a massive grill that dominates the frontal fascia, and the patent Honda logo adorns it. Huge striking LED headlights to give an aggressive appearance whereas sporty 19-inch wheels make a remarkable first impression.

The front and the rear bumper are sportier than before. Its exhaust pipe is centred, squared and oozes power. The new SI version will be available in Sedan or Coupe. Exterior paint options  include:

  • Cosmic Blue
  • White orchid pearl.
  • Modern steel metallic.
  • Taffeta White.
  • Crystal black pearl.

2018  Honda Civic SI - interior

2018 Honda Civic SI – Aesthetic Engine

Honda Civic SI 2018 is going to be a turbocharged version. It will have a standard Civic 4-cylinder 1.5-litres L15B7 engine. Moreover, the VTEC turbo power plant gives 205 hp and 192 lb-ft. of torque. This brings 2018 SI between type R and the Civic Hatchback Sport.

This is a sports-oriented version, unlike any standard Civic. But, it is also suitable for chirpy city driving. Additional Cruise Control makes this model just as suitable for highways. The transmission is manually done with a 6-speed precise gearbox.

Safety Specs:

All Civic models come with segment-leading safety features and techs. So, this current generation Civic SI is no different. The 2018 Honda Civic SI comes with ABS, EBD vehicle stability, and Forward Collision Alert. It includes parking assistance, rear camera, lane-keeping aid, traction control and multi-stage airbags for protection from adverse situations.

Honda launching Civic SI:

The primary idea behind introducing SI version is to improve vehicle electrification. Expectancy is that it will excel in fuel efficiency. Honda’s motive is to extend between hatchback and sedan as a combination of the best features from both these segments. This will serve as a perfect entry for Honda to reach out to a larger consumer footprint.

2018  Honda Civic SI - rear

2018 Honda Civic SI – Price, Competition, and Release Date

The release date of 2018 Honda Civic SI has a lot of speculations going around it, so no specific date is out yet. But a rough estimation states that it will happen sometime around the first half of 2018. Other than the higher trims, the base version will start from $24,000 with changes only in additional packages. Competitors include Toyota Prius, Kia Forte Coupe, Toyota 86. All of them aim for a 5-star score NCAP rankings.

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