2018 Honda Civic Hybrid Sports Concept Specs

Classy and Fabulous! Two words that best describes the new 2018 Honda Civic Hybrid Sports Concept. Honda’s revelations state that the revised model is up for vehicle electrification.  This new machine promises to showcase itself as a revolution in product design. The model is Honda’s strike to its competitors like Toyota Prius.

2018 Honda Civic Hybrid Sports Concept - front

2018 Honda Civic Hybrid Sports Concept – Exemplary Exteriors and Interiors sporting Innovation and Utility

It borrows much from its previous design but gives an enhanced change. Innovative changes include among others certain features an update with the grille design up front. Basic design elements continue even with the side-mirrors. A perfect reminiscence to the idea of a concept, this model shows modern-age styling including a drastically shaping windshield. Edgy LED front and rear lamps and the hood add-ons may hint towards where Honda will go with their new designs.

The most attracting fact is that Honda 2018 Civic Hybrid Sports Concept is much lighter when compared to its regular version. Therefore, it automatically enhances overall parameters.


Interior add-ons start off with a simple and neat dashboard cluster.  Extending up to 178 inches in length, including a 105 inches long wheelbase, it provides surprisingly above average interior space. Adding to that, this Honda Civic Hybrid Sports Concept 2018 has a width of 69 inches and a height stretching to 56 inches.

Also, it contains a next-gen in-built infotainment system and many other advanced features of tech support. This includes voice commands, smart phone integration, and satellite radio. A wider screen gauge cluster beside the driver features digital as well as analog meters and an information display.

2018 Honda Civic Hybrid Sports Concept – Electro-Engine

Having a 97 hp, the SOHO i-VTEC got replaced with 1.3-litres for better performance. With added 23 hp combined with 1.3-litres, it sits between the CVT and the DC engine. Thus, with an estimated 200 hp and 230 lb-ft. Honda Civic Hybrid Sports Concept gives a million dollar experience. Also, an extra feature is the lithium ion battery that has a capacity of 100 KWh.

Comparing to its predecessor, Honda claims that this concept it is all set to make new records to beat the 48 mpg of the previous model. With an electro population system, the 4-cylinder engine will achieve new heights when it hits the road.

2018 Honda Civic Hybrid Sports Concept - interior

Safety Features:

When it comes to safety Honda doesn’t keep any doubts and deliver the best premium features available. The 2018 Honda Civic Hybrid Sports Concept includes

  • Rear camera along with 360-degree vision.
  • Lane-Assist.
  • Traction control along with ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System).
  • Multi-Stage

Therefore, the driver’s safety remains their utmost concern.

2018 Honda Civic Hybrid Sports Concept - rear

2018 Honda Civic Hybrid Sports Concept – Production Model Speculations

Late 2017 will see the first view of the machine. The base model price range starts at $25,000. However, the amount will rise according to the trim selected by the user. Honda offers 5 trims:

  • EX
  • EX-L
  • LX
  • EX-T
  • Sports

For trims EX-T and EX-L, the customer will have to add an extra $3,400 and $2,000 respectively.

With the much-awaited changes Honda did to the chassis, 2018 Honda Civic Hybrid Sports Concept gets a premium look for its users.

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