2018 Honda CB300F Review, Price

Simplistic motor-biking experience comes in many shapes and sizes. But industry experts rate few models higher than Honda’s CB300F model. An entry-level model, Honda does have its Grom model sitting below it. But for buyers looking for a proper bike which has enough grunts in it, this 2018 Honda CB300F is what the manufacturers want them to buy.

2018 Honda CB300F – Expectations

For an entry-level bike, concentrating more on rider or driving experience is obvious. This is just what current models score high on. But Honda obviously wants to take it further. Among the changes which this upcoming model will include as per insider sources, there are some continuations which will come up quite obviously.

Thing is, this Honda CB300F 2018 series aims to be an ergonomic urban 2-wheeler. Honda does look to improve on an already top-segment mileage of 78 mpg with figures around the 80 mpg mark. And this will come in even though Honda will continue with the same 286cc mono-cylinder 4-stroke engine with liquid-cooling.

Other continuations include a PGM-Fi along with an intelligent chip setup for ignition. The Dual Overhead-Camshaft setup will sport improvement necessary for achieving better mileage. As for the transmission, Honda will continue with the same 6-speed manual. Power output will continue to as the same 30.5 HP threshold along with the meaty low-end 20 lb-ft. torque.

2018 Honda CB300F - view


  • Seat Height – 30 inches. (Tentative)
  • Chassis Rake – 30 Degrees.
  • Trail – 9 inches. (Tentative)
  • Wheelbase55 inches. (Tentative)

Other Specs:

  • Bore and Stroke – 76x63mm.
  • Front Suspension – 37mm and 4.7 inches (Tentative) travel.
  • Rear Suspension – Pro-Link 5-position Single-Shock with 4 inches (Tentative) travel.
  • Front and Rear Brakes296mm Front Disc and 220mm Rear Disc. (All Mono-Discs.)

2018 Honda CB300F – Price and Availability

The 2018 CB300F will release by 2018 across all markets worldwide. Price tags will come in just above the $4,100 mark.

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