2018 Honda Africa Twin Redesign, Price

Outdoor riding is an immersive experience. Riders, who take their machine to the dirt tracks, develop a certain bond with their noble steeds. And Honda is looking to cash in on this prospect. So, enthusiasts can expect this new 2018 Honda Africa Twin to make a bang in this segment.

The Honda design team focuses on practicality and utility quite seriously. So, this adventure bike will come equipped with all necessary gadgets to fulfil every weekend warrior’s dreams. Hence, it may come with modern fittings like new suspensions, powerful braking system, and a larger fuel capacity.

2018 Honda Africa Twin - front

2018 Honda Africa Twin – New Digs

Going by popular speculation, expect this high flying 2-wheeler to come with a fresh 4-valve Unicam fashioned setup. This will enhance space management and boost overall output. This model sport a much more setup; which will support faster power delivery.

Honda Africa Twin 2018 will adorn a new 270-degree crankshaft that will deliver superior traction capabilities. Other updates might include a substantially high ground clearance at around 25 inches or more.

To boost handling, Honda thinks tanks can equip their new animal with a lightweight 6-speed manual transmission; which uses a familiar cam structure to other Honda renditions.

Coming to ride comfort, new buyers will get a more upright riding position coupling with a more rigid chassis. These additions will help dampen travel fatigue and increase manoeuvrability. The new model will also house a wider handlebar which will help riders negotiate rougher surfaces easily.

Insiders in Honda’s development section claim that this motorcycle can perform equally over a large swath of different terrains right from tarmac to dirt and sand.

2018 Honda Africa Twin – Probable Release and Price Info

Coming to this segment, customers may get their hands on the 2018 Honda Africa Twin by late 2017 or early 2018. Now, competition in this market section is high; so expect the adventure vehicle to cost around $14,000 or more.

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